Cavendish Waste Recovery Facility will be closed Sat., July 20. Please visit the Careers section for current openings.

Oversized Items collection appointments can be booked for Smith Sound until July 22 and Pouch Cove until July 24. Other areas to follow.


Fees for Waste Services - Residents

Every property in the region generates waste, so everyone should share in the cost of the system equally. It’s the fairest solution. We have established an annual fee for all properties in the service area to access the new regional waste management system.

This fee is calculated based on the total cost of the service, divided equally between every household in our service area. It’s how we get the highest quality service to the most people in our region, consistently and dependably. The fee is a combination of the tipping fee for disposal at Robin Hood Bay, the cost of curbside collection, and a small administrative component.

Your fee payment provides:

  • Curbside waste collection and recycling services
  • Bulk garbage collection days
  • Household hazardous waste collection initiatives throughout the year in partnership with volunteer fire departments
  • Public education

Fees for Fire and Emergency Services - Residents

All properties with a building in an area that we service shares in the cost of the service. We have established an annual fee for all properties. Please see the current fee schedule for details.

The annual fire protection and emergency services fee is specifically used for the administration and operation of the service. We collect the fee from property owners, retain an administrative allocation per property, and remit the remaining amount to the municipality.

Your fee payment ensures everyone in the region has access to:

  • Emergency response to motor vehicle accidents
  • Emergency response to fires
  • Emergency response medical emergencies

Making a payment

Payment Schedules

Residents who are invoiced directly from ERSB may choose one of the following payment schedules and are responsible for ensuring payments are made on time:

Pay in full: Payment is due January 31.

Quarterly: Payments are due January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31.

Monthly: Payments are due on the last day of every month, January through October.

Payment Options for Residents

We offer flexible payment options by phone and online.

Online Banking: We accept payment through Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada (CIBC), Toronto Dominion (TD), and Bank of Montreal (BMO) online banking. From your online banking account, simply add Eastern Regional Service Board as a payee.

Pre-Authorized Debit: Download and return a completed Pre-Authorized Debit Form before January 30.

Credit Card: Make a payment by calling 579-7960. To protect your privacy, we do not keep your credit card information on file. You will need to contact the office each time you would like to make a credit card payment.

Cheque or Money Order: Mail your cheque or money order to 255 Majors Path, Suite 3, St. John's, NL A1A 0L5.

In person: You may drop-off your payment at our front counter during office hours. We ask that you refrain from making an appointment if you show any symptoms of illness or have travelled outside of Canada within the past fourteen days.

Overdue Payments

If you are making a payment that is past due, you must include payment for all outstanding fees, plus the interest owing.

Interest on Overdue Accounts: An interest rate of 1.75% monthly (simple) will be applied to all overdue accounts from January 1, 2019 onward. An interest rate of 2% monthly (compounding) will be applied to overdue accounts invoiced prior to January 1, 2019.

Delinquent Accounts:

  • 6 weeks: A late payment reminder letter will be sent to remind you that your account is overdue.
  • 10 weeks: A second reminder letter will be sent to remind you that you must bring your account up to date to remain in good standing.
  • 14 weeks: A final notice will be sent to you demanding payment in full. If payment in full is not received after the final notice, a third-party collection agency may be engaged and/or small claims court.

NSF Fee: A fee of $20.00 will be applied to all payments that are returned to Eastern Regional Service Board for any reason, i.e. insufficient funds, account closed, stop payment, etc.

Exemption from Service

In the following instances, your property may be eligible for exemption from services.

  • Property is boarded up
  • Property is not structurally sound
  • Property has no electrical connection
  • Property is vacant

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