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Posted on Feb. 27, 2019 | News Releases, Public Notices, Stakeholder Updates

The Eastern Regional Service Board amended its Service Delivery Policy to exclude roads that are un-serviced for the purposes of waste management collection as confirmed by the Provincial Government. This change affects approximately 300 properties in the eastern region.

Any property owners on the roads below that have paid fees for 2019 will be refunded. Refunds will be sent via cheque on Friday, March 8, 2019, to the address that the Board has on file for the account. Any preauthorized debit agreements for property owners on these un-serviced roads will be stopped as of March 4, 2019. Anyone who has received an invoice for a property on roads below, please note that your 2019 invoice has been cancelled. A letter in this regard will be sent to all of those property owners whose addresses we have on file.

The list of un-serviced roads and the letter from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment confirming the list of un-serviced roads are included below. Maps of the impacted roads are available by clicking on the road name.

The Department of Municipal Affairs has engaged their colleagues in the Department of Transportation and Works to review policies that they have in place with respect to un-serviced roads in an effort to determine if additional roads should be considered. If additional roads are added to the list by the Provincial Government, this website will be updated and property owners will be notified.



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