Board of Directors

2017 Board of Directors Election

The Eastern Regional Service Board is currently accepting nominations for its Board of Directors from municipalities and local service districts. An election will take place in November. Additional details about the process can be found here.

Current Board Members

Chairperson: Mr. Ed Grant

Vice-Chair: Mr. Harold Mullowney (Southern Shore)

Board Members:

  • Mr. Dave Aker (Mount Pearl)

  • Mr. Gordon Stone (Trinity Conception North)

  • Mr. Bill Bailey (Clarenville & Isthmus)

  • Mr. Danny Breen (St. John’s)

  • Ms. Peggy Roche (Metro)

  • Mr. Ron Ellsworth (St. John’s)

  • Mr. Wally Collins (St. John’s)

  • Ms. Joy Dobbie (Trinity Bay South & Isthmus East)

  • Mr. Jonathan Galgay (St. John’s)

  • Mr. Gerard Tilley (Conception Bay South)

  • Mr. Dave Lane (St. John’s)

  • Mr. Sam Whalen (Bay Roberts)

  • Mr. Dennis O'Keefe (St. John’s)

  • Mr. Tom Hann (St. John’s)

  • Mr. Sandy Hickman (St. John’s)

  • VACANT (Southwest Avalon)

  • Mr. Art Puddister (St. John’s)

  • Mr. Bruce Tilley (St. John’s)

  • Mr. Sterling Willis (Paradise)